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  • Mango Green Beans Apple +Coconut oil + Hemp
  • Peach Strawberry Coconut Vanilla + Buckwheat
  • White beans Zucchini Garlic + Olive Oil + Quinoa
  • Pineapple Blueberries + Chia + Buckwheat
  • Sweet Potato Apple Cinnamon +Coconut Oil + Hemp
  • Cauliflower Zucchini Green Beans Pear + Flaxseed

In the third and final stage, your baby is ready to be introduced to more complex ingredients such as textured fruits, vegetables, grains (like rice, barley, oats and quinoa), spices, and healthy fats. These ingredients are blended into a smooth consistency and layered in every jar. Working alongside pediatric dietitians, we developed our formula to provide your baby with the nutrients they need at this stage and prepare them to transition into self-feeding.

Blend of 100% Organic and Non GMO more textured Fresh Fruits, vegetables Grains like (Rice, Barley, Oats and Quinoa), Spices and good Fat. Blended and layered in every Jar. Created by Pediatric Dietitians to ensure the blends are balanced meals to your little ones.

All the baby food is frozen Immediately after cooking and cooling to lock in all the Nutrients till your little one is ready to try.

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