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Q & A

Q:  How does MINI FRESH work?
A:  Orders are placed online and delivered twice a week to your door.  Deliveries are made on Tuesdays and Fridays!

Q: Why Frozen?
A: We Found that a lot of Patents Do not know in the beginning how much their little ones will eat or if if they cant finish then the rest will be wasted. so we decided to move to Frozen so we can lock in all the nutrients and to be able to offer a bigger selection to your little ones Nationwide .

Q:  Where do you deliver?
A:  We Deliver all Over the Valley and Ship Nation Wide .

Q:  What is the delivery charge?
A:  No delivery charge Within 15 Mile radius from Our Kitchen in Phoenix. $10 Charge is added on orders More than 15 Miles away. For Shipping; Shipping charge is determined on order size.

Q:  What is the best way to order?
A:  Since we know how busy moms can get, the most convenient way to order our product is our Bundles.  The bundles are meant to be one week supply and give you back time in your week with your MINI.  

Q:  What type of ingredients are used?
A:  We use 100% organic, fresh, locally sourced (when possible), and nutrient rich ingredients.  Our Toddler & Baby Led Weening menu was developed with a Pediatric Dietician to ensure a well balanced diet specific for MINI.

Q:  How is the food prepared?
A:  All of our foods are prepared in a commercial kitchen.

Q:  What if my baby does not eat baby food?
A:  We also have Baby Led Weaning and Toddler meals for those that are ready for regular food.

Q:  I am or know someone expecting OR my baby isn’t quite ready for baby food
A:  We do offer gift cards and they make an excellent gift for an expecting or new mom.  

Q:  Do you sell the baby food in pouches?
A:  Part of the journey of feeding your MINI developing the fine motor skills to feed themselves and to ween from bottle feeding.  Because of this, we only offer our baby food in glass jars.  These jars are also great for sustainability as they can be reused for many purposes (we love to see how you reused your jars via social media!).

Q:  How long is the food good for?
A:  6 to 8 weeks depending on the ingredients and once out of the freezer only good for 1 day and our Power Bites are good for 15 days.

Q:  What if I don’t use all the food I ordered?
A:  The food can be kept frozen till the use by date.

Q:  What if my child has food allergies or special dietary needs?
A:  All of our baby food is free from dairy, nuts. Power Bites DO contain nuts, but these foods are intended for toddlers and adults.  We can customize any order to fit your needs…. just leave a note for us in the comments section if you or your mini have any allergies or would like the baby food to be Gluten Free.

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