About Mini Fresh


At Mini Fresh, we are dedicated to providing moms with the healthiest and freshest food choices for their precious little ones. Our products include baby food, toddler meals, lactation snacks for mom, and baby-led weaning options for when your baby is ready to move to solids. All of these are 100% organic. Our products are both fresh and additive and preservative free. We also know the value of professionals in child nutrition: our toddler and baby-led weaning meals were developed by a pediatric dietician to ensure that kids are getting all the nutrients they need.

Mini Fresh supports green living and we do as much as we can to stay local.  All of our organic peels and scraps go into a local chicken farm, and we use glass to package – nothing that will end up in a landfill.

Staying true to our name, our product’s freshness is hugely important to us. We guarantee delivery twice per week, and delivery will happen within five hours of cooking and packaging to ensure that your child receives a product that is fresh - never frozen. You can rest easy knowing that our product matches the quality that you would create at home.

Mini Fresh wants to make motherhood less stressful and more joyful, and if that means that you take a little time for yourself and let us do the work then we are honored to do so. The Mini Fresh team is made of moms just like you, who are both passionate and knowledgeable about children and nutrition and who believe that kids deserve the absolute best. We want to be an all-organic option for busy moms who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the products they are feeding their children are fresh, and free from the additives found in store - bought food.



As a new mom, Majo Mansour was struggling with the fast-paced, busy schedule that many mothers wrestle with. After taking longer than expected on an errand one day and consequently running out of time to fix lunch for her then seven-month-old son, she had to face a new reality: she needed to go to the grocery store for baby food.  Majo had vowed to make only fresh food during her baby’s first year, but in this moment she had no other choice. At her local supermarket, she scanned the shelves, looking for something that she could feed her child that wasn’t chemically laden and packed with preservatives. But, she saw none. In fact, most of the baby food offered in the store had been on the shelf for months. Majo knew that no matter how fresh or natural store-bought baby food claimed to be, it wasn't fresh.