How Mini Fresh Started

Like any mother I am sure you have hundreds of things going through your mind when you are pregnant; labor, maternity, breastfeeding, first baby food, teething, etc.
To me, breastfeeding and baby food were my two most important concerns. I was not fortunate enough to breastfeed more than two months. I felt I had failed Christian. So I focused my attention on making sure that his food was always fresh and organic. I also wanted to make sure I could find a lot of cool combinations that would allow him to experience new flavors.
For his first year this is what I did every 2-3 days. I would prepare his lunch, dinner and plan for his breakfast. If it was oatmeal then I would prepare the fruits to go with it. When Christian was 7 months old, I had a very busy morning and my plan was to  be done before lunchtime so I could prepare his food. This did not happen, so I had two options, either give him a smashed banana or go to the store to buy him a jar of organic baby food.                          
 I went to the store and could not bring myself to  purchase it. I did not like the fact that I would be giving my son food that is stored on a shelf. I believe fruits and vegetables should be kept refrigerated when cooked. Also the fact that they had a “USE BY” date that was months away did not make sense to me. This was totally opposite of what I believed in. I have always been against Food Pouches, although I know they are practical but feel they will define babies eating habits. Grab and go or fast food is the same concept like a pouch in my opinion. These are my beliefs and are not related to science or research.
 So, I went back home and started researching fresh baby food and delivery. I did not find much even in other states. That night, I decided to start making organic baby food from the freshest ingredients and deliver it to mothers that are busy and don’t have time to make the food themselves.
This is How Mini Fresh Baby Food started so babies can always have healthy fresh food options.