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Healthy Meals for Your Preschooler

Healthy Meals for Your Preschooler

Healthy Meals for Your Little one

Entering preschool is one of the most significant milestones our children have. Going away from home for the first time is a vital time in a child's life. you are probably nervous about the food your child will eat at school.

Packing Your Child's Lunch

The perfect lunch for your little one should contain protein, healthy fats, fiber, and carbs and a little treat in their meals. Keeping meals balanced for optimal nutrients and energy is key to making the best meals.

Packing your little one's lunch each day can be a fun and interactive activity to include your child in. Making lunch together reinforces confidence in making choices, the ability to make good decisions, and opportunities for you to talk to your child about healthy eating habits.

Your little one will also enjoy their time getting to make their own lunch with mom or dad. Allowing your toddler to make choices instills confidence and self-care skills and gives parents the opportunity to teach their children about making good, healthy choices. There are many ways that parents and children can connect through food. Taking that extra few minutes a day to pack your kids meals is a great bonding experience.


Benefits of Healthy School meal and Meal Time

Increased Energy and Focus

Decrease in Obesity rate

Improves Social skills


School Lunch Tips

Follow a Simple Rule: Protein , Fruit, Vegetables, Carb Plus Something FUN :))

Use Multi Compartment containers, make it easier to Pack Variety, and Looks more colorful

Cook in Bulk; Buy a Muffin Tin , easiest way to make a big recipe and freeze

Reinvent leftovers, reuse dinner for lunch ( Chicken from dinner makes great chicken quesadillas for lunch )

Take a day off; its ok to pack cheese and crackers with fruits for a day or order a meal delivery service



Broccoli or Cauliflower Mini Muffins

5 cups of Broccoli or Cauliflower ( either copped or Riced)

8 Eggs

1 Cup Bread Crumbs

2 cups of Shredded cheese

hint of salt, garlic, pepper

Mix all together and add into pre greased or padded with olive oil mini muffin tin.

Makes around 40 mini Muffins, they freeze great for up to 3 months


Little bit more About Mini-Fresh Kids Meal Delivery

Kids meal delivery services like Mini-fresh are the perfect solution for preschool meals because they provide the ideal balance of protein, healthy fats, fiber, carbs, and fruits for your preschool to fuel their brains for the rest of the day. Some meals include the Protein plate which is dairy free or the Little Burger which includes chocolate bites and fresh fruit. There are also Tofu options for vegetarians and chickpea cauliflower pizza.

Your preschool friendly and healthy meals are chosen by you online and delivered to your Door fresh. They have no preservatives, are organic, and approved by a Pediatric dietician. If your family is gluten free or vegan. Mini-Fresh also offers subscription service of 3, 5 or 10 meals per delivery and deliveries are made every Sunday.

Preparing healthy preschool meals can be quick and easy by using kids meal delivery.When that's not an option for you, put our tips and tricks into practice to ensure your preschool is eating healthy all year and be sure to check out Mini-Fresh a leading kids meal delivery service in Arizona.

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