Benefits of Feeding Fresh Baby Food

When it comes to baby food, there are plenty of options out there. Any grocery store has an entire shelf devoted to various jars and flavors of baby foods. Unfortunately, those jars of “healthy” fruits and vegetables are full of additives and preservatives. The fruits and veggies we eat don’t have a long shelf life, so why should your baby’s healthy food last unrefrigerated on a shelf for months? Here are some of the benefits of feeding your baby fresh foods.


More Nutritious

In order to keep that long shelf life, baby foods are manipulated to the point where they barely resemble food anymore. Many of the nutrients get removed in order to keep a longer shelf life, and there are often so many preservatives and additives that the few nutrients baby would get aren’t even worth it.


Many store-bought foods are made with fruit or vegetable concentrates diluted with water. They basically pull anything fresh or nutritious from the food so it can be stored for a longer period of time, and then add water back to it and call it food. If you’ve ever had orange juice from concentrate, you know it’s not as good or good for you as fresh squeezed.


Not only do fruits and veggies lose vital nutrients when concentrated, they lose a lot of their fiber. Fiber is important for a healthy body and it keeps the digestive system running smoothly. Many popular companies actually add flour or starch to thicken their formulas and improve the fiber content.


Fresh, homemade foods certainly have a nutritional edge over the pre-packaged stuff. By serving your baby food made with fresh fruits and veggies, you can ensure that they’re getting the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthy and strong.


Less Picky

Babies who eat homemade foods actually grow up to be less picky, more adventurous eaters. Store-bought foods are so overly processed that they’re almost devoid of real flavor. As babies become accustomed to eating that bland, processed food, they’re less likely to want to try new foods with different tastes, smells and textures as they get older.


Kids don’t reject healthy food just because it’s healthy. They don’t really understand the difference. They just know what tastes good to them. By giving your baby a variety of good-tasting, fresh, healthy foods now, they will be more likely to continue eating that way as they grow up. No more worrying that your kid will only eat chicken nuggets and boxed macaroni.



Feeding your baby fresh foods is actually greener and better for the environment than store-bought stuff. You have no idea where those companies make their food, and how far the food has to travel to get to the plant, or how far it’s come just to get to your grocery store. You don’t know if those fruits and vegetables used in that food was sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals that aren’t good for the environment.


Plus, many of those plastic containers or pouches aren’t good for the environment. They probably can’t be reused, and may not even be recyclable.


Mini Fresh picks organic ingredients locally twice a week, bring them back to our kitchens right here in Phoenix, and deliver locally. Buying food from Mini Fresh wastes less gas and time, and you know that we’re supporting organic growers who take care of the earth.


Of course, by ordering food from Mini Fresh, you get all the advantages of homemade baby foods with none of the added time or mess. It’s perfect for busy moms who want to give their baby the most nutritious food possible, but don’t always have the time to make it themselves. You can rest easy knowing that you’re baby is getting food made from the same fruit and vegetables that we eat. We buy organic produce multiple times a week, cook it using fresh spring water, package it and deliver it to your door within five hours. With out subscription service, you know that your baby is never eating food more than a couple of days old. You wouldn’t eat a vegetable that had been on a shelf for six months, and now your baby doesn’t have to, either.