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A Day In the Life of a Mini Fresh Baby

A Day In the Life of a Mini Fresh Baby


You want to give your baby the best possible things, including the best food imaginable. While it would be great if you had time to make handmade baby food before each meal, sometimes it’s just not possible. Life, work, spouses, other kids and your own personal sanity can all get in the way of that admirable but lofty goal. That’s where Mini Fresh comes in.

Using Mini Fresh is simple. Depending on your baby’s age, pick a subscription and choose from the flavors available. Choices are broken down into stages, making it easy for you to order age-appropriate food. particularly busy week ahead. 

All of Mini Fresh’s foods are made from 100% organic vegetables, fruits and grains. preservative and additive free, made from the freshest food possible. Mini Fresh ingredients are all picked fresh from the farm, cooked with spring water at a commercial kitchen by our Chefs in Phoenix. All meals are packaged and delivered to your door. So you can enjoy a ready to eat meal for your mini while knowing that you will not compromise your Little ones nutritional needs.

Here, you can find an example of a diet for a Mini Fresh Baby: 

Stage 1

Stage 1 babies have just recently started solid foods. They’ are normally four to six months  

you can choose to feed solids twice or three times per day but it is normally recommended to start with single ingredients


Stage 2

Now you can introduce more variety of fruits and vegetables together along with some spices. Great example would be Apple Cauliflower Turmeric or Lentil Apple Sweet Potatoes


Stage 3

In the third and final stage, your baby is ready to be introduced to more complex ingredients such as textured fruits, vegetables, grains (like rice, barley, oats and quinoa), spices, and healthy fats. Great Example would be Zucchini Butternut Squash Cherry Flaxseed and Sweet Potatoes Zucchini Coconut Hemp.


if you choose the Baby Led weaning Route you can pretty much feed your little one everything but in stages and they have to be cut the proper way fro every age. Here at Mini Fresh we created little grab and go bites simply you can defrost or reheat and you’re ready to go! We’re proud to offer gluten free, low carb, dairy free, and nut free options in order to cater to everyone. Like Broccoli tots, vggie pizza bites and many more options.


At Mini Fresh, we know that being a mom requires you to wear multiple hats at all times.

With your go-go-go schedule, you might feel like it’s impossible to provide your little ones with the best when it comes to nutrition...but that’s not the case! We created Mini Fresh with the mission to provide busy moms like you with healthy, fresh, and well-researched food choices for your precious little ones.



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