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Made with 100% Fresh + Organic
Ingredients 100% of the time
Made with 100% Fresh + Organic
Ingredients 100% of the time

Mini Fresh is dedicated to providing moms with peace of mind by delivering high quality, balanced, fresh food choices for their little ones.

We create a wide variety of products to fit every stage of a child’s life from 6 months to 4 years old, including baby led weaning options , preschool lunches and Kids snacks.

How It Works

Choose Your Plan

Let us help you pick the best option to support your child's growth and development.

Make It Your Own

Browse our variety of flavors and textures to suit your little one's preferences.

Serve & Enjoy

Delivered right to your door, our meals are easy to prep and ready to be enjoyed by your tiny tot!

Why Mini Fresh?


Mini Fresh products are all-organic, nutrient rich, and contain ingredients you can trust.


Our products were developed alongside a pediatric dietitian to ensure kids are getting the nutrients they need.


We’ve got you covered. Our products are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, without compromising quality.


We know you’ll love Mini Fresh...but your tiny tots will love it even more! Even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied.

Send them off to school with the fuel they need.

Even the best moms delegate, and our Preschool Meal Delivery service was created to provide you with convenience and comfort in knowing the products you’re feeding your little one are fresh, well-researched, and nutritious.

Shop Kids Meals!

Our Baby Led Weaning options are packed with all the nutrients your mini needs.

Perfect for daycare, breakfast, or lunch if you’re on the go, our baby led weaning options are fully cooked and come in ready to eat packages. Simply defrost or reheat and you’re good to go! 

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Hear What Our Moms Have to Say

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Majo’s food. I have used everything from her bitesize yummy snacks for my toddlers and babies. The fact that everything not only tastes good but actually is good for you puts me at ease while I am breastfeeding and introducing new foods to my babies. I would definitely recommend mini fresh to anyone!


Mini-fresh is a new mama’s best friend! I love the convenience of the at-home delivery but love the peace of mind even more. When all you want is the very best for your baby and your head is spinning from lack of sleep and all of the demands a new baby can put on a family, mini fresh takes one gigantic task off your very full plate and delivers wholesome, organic food for your baby that is so easy to prepare. My baby girl loved the purees and now we’re onto the toddler meals. I’m so grateful for this awesome service, plus I love supporting mama entrepreneurs and local businesses. Thank you mini fresh for making my life just a little bit easier with your awesome meals!


“I found Mini Fresh at the farmers market. My baby liked all that she got to try (the baby food and a teething ring). The teething rings are so ingenious and they smell delicious! It was easy for her to grab/control and she was very into it, as soon as I gave it to her she knew what to do!

Gabi Miro


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